Monday Night NFL — What To Do About Da Bears?

By Charles Jay

In looking at Monday night’s matchup between the Chicago Bears and Washington Redskins, we wonder if the Bears are kind of a mystery team. After all, they were able to generate some offense last season, but are a little slow coming out of the gate this year.

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Mitchell Trubisky is averaging 4.8 yards per attempt in the first two games, and that isn’t going to move the chains all that much. His QB rating is 65.0, which is putrid. And the Bears are 29th in yards per drive, which is awful. Trubisky was having some difficulty getting the ball down the field in camp, and maybe these guys can get well against a Redskin defense that is near the bottom in a lot of categories, including yards allowed per drive.

Washington coach Jay Gruden is talking about putting the running game on the shelf for this one, and if they are going to be predictable and one-dimensional the main concern is going to be getting the ball out quickly. Keep in mind that Khalil Mack and his friends will be charging, while Donald Penn has to mind the store at left tackle, since Trent Williams is still holding out. That will cause difficulties.

Case Keenum is 69% accurate and hasn’t thrown an interception, but you wonder how long stuff like that can keep up with him. There’s a reason he’s been all over the league.

There was a “steam” move on this game that drove the number up to 5.5 points in about a day. I was not particularly interested in chasing that. And I have my reservations about Da Bears being able to score enough to cover Da Pointspread on the road. It’s more a matter of execution than it is Washington’s defense.

And then there’s this matter with the kicker. Eddy Pineiro has made Matt Nagy very happy,. because he drilled three field goals last week, including a 53-yarder to win the game. But he hurt his knee in the training room this week (why are kickers fooling around in there anyway?) and he went to questionable on the injury report.

This has been a headache area for Nagy, so you know there is a lot of wishful thinking here. He knows that it’s painful for this kid right now; he’s acknowledged it. But he did not bring in another kicker. Instead, if Pineiro can’t go, punter Pat O’Donnell will handle things, and that would be an adventure. The reason this is so important with Da Bears is that they are likely to have some drives stall out where they would have to settle for field goals, and if they can’t convert, that’s just wasted effort.

It seems a little shaky to me right now, which is why, under the circumstances, I thought the best way to go was to move in the direction of an UNDER for this play in WagerWAR, which, by the way, is powered by PPHVIP – helping you get a leg up in the sports betting business!


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